Saturday, July 30, 2016


I spent a few hours in Sorolla"s garden in Madrid. The place is absolutely gorgeous, fresh and inspiring. I loved the house (museum) too, but I arrived in the morning when the garden was still quiet. I was alone actually and started sketching  feeling I could be sat here for hours, looking at the statues , the fountains, the mosaics, all the colors playing together with the sun. As it was the end of my painting workshop my notes were in english though I'm not a native speaker but that was the words which came first! 
I used watercolor and wax watermixable crayons for sketches
The little acrylic paintings were not done on location but once back home in France
I have some more ideas and sketches to develop in future paintings from this place

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Night travel

After spending a few hours (part of the day plus part of the night) in a bus between france and spain, I have different landscapes in my memory. I did many quick sketches and pictures in the bus, I want to transcribe the mood of this moving landscapes and the first moment is the feeling when night falls over the mountains

Friday, July 1, 2016

Small monoprints

I just got a kind of "baby" etching press at home (max paper size 10x14in) It is good quality for monoprinting. I also have access to a real etching press in a studio but I'm glad now to be able to do some experiment at home!
These four studies were done with printing inks on a 4x4 in zinc plate, transfered with the press on fabriano paper