Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sketches from life

Three 20mn sketches from life, using  wax crayons, graphite and gouache on sketchbook paper (a4)  
I went to a few life sessions last weeks and felt felt like trying something else than my tradirionnal charcoal, for a change

    I like the composition of the last one and will probably think of making an oil study from it

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Back to plein air

Because of mural works and a disastrous weather in April and May , I had no chance to paint outdoors yet. At last I have more time and the sun is back. For this special occasion I ride my bike one hour away from the city, along the shore of a quiet lake. I sat for my first painting (tired!) , using the feet of my box to hold my umbrella. 

Morning by the lake 4x8 in oil on paper

For the second painting my bike is the easel. It's something I like to do in the city because it allows me to be ready to paint (or leave! )  in 2 mn . I can even have a back look of the painting in the mirror of the bike and the height is perfect. Just love my easel bike, I wish it would take me around the world! 

Shore of the lake 5x7 in oil on paper

Two little paintings were enough before riding back home, a good day to try all the little improvements I made to my outdoor painting equipment, ready for summer!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Public garden mural

The mural is about 3x4 meters large (10x13 feet)
Most difficult was to introduce the existing luminaire right in the middle of the wall
I also decided to make a kind of "green challenge" with this mural, green grass, green trees, green bench...!  That 's why I decided to make a red underpainting, to help me keeping a color harmony

1/75 Scale drawing done on tracing paper
Color study underneath

1/75 Scale color study

Reporting major shapes on tracing paper

The whole drawing in burnt sienna

I had no ladder. I've tied my brush to a long pole to paint the highest trees

The finished painting

My very handy special mural tool box

From next door